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Last Light

by Tor Lundvall

Rust 02:28
The Pond 04:35
“THE POND” The pond outside is frozen still Where we used to play Dull red leaves are falling down Everything is grey You and I are frightened souls Somehow we lost our way Our secrets hide deep in the trees Safely locked away
“IT’S OVER NOW” Daylight falls in your eyes As the years pass you by Dead and gone All your dreams left behind Crippled love, wasted time Dead and gone
Silver Wash 02:22
Last Light 03:40
“LAST LIGHT” Soft blue light is falling in Through my window Slowly fading deep within As the wind blows through my room Hear the tall trees whispering From my window Lying here and wondering Where the time goes Scared to make a move or even try So I wait here Fading as the years crawl slowly by Into darkness, far away
Storm 03:28
“STORM” Rain on the highway, driving alone Sidewalks are empty on the way home Bridges and buildings loom tall and grey Blurred in the mirror, fading away Out on the roadside, flowers and leaves Pale washed colors sway in the breeze Hear distant thunder as the rain falls Across the windshield, concealing it all
“SOFT BIPOLARITY” Keepers of the morning, fading with the day Walking in the pale light, as they drift away Hear the falling echoes, floating on the tide Thrown across the ocean, calling me inside
Blue Room 03:55
“BLUE ROOM” The day is over before it begins A tired ending lost on the wind Through lace curtains grey light falls Dark clouds gather in my soul The web in the corner, black with dust Hangs like a memory filled with rust The lamp on the table, casting light Across pictures of fading life
“SUNDAY EVENING” Standing by the open door I watch with tired eyes Sunlight falling through the trees Another weekend flies Lights shine from the neighbor’s house Beneath a dark blue sky Silence fills the open air Until the cars roll by In the west the sinking sun Slowly waves goodbye Wind chimes ringing on the breeze As the cardinal cries
Cold 03:58
“COLD” Silver moon, pale and white Staring through the deep blue winter night In the dark, I watch the lights Hanging from my window, shining bright So I wait, as the years Slowly drain the magic and the light And the girl I never loved Haunts me through the dark roads of my life
Still 04:25
“STILL” By the water, silence grows In the harbor’s empty glow Watch the ship lights out at sea Like a lost friend calling me Shadows frozen where they stand Cold and lifeless on the sand Wrapped in stillness, sleeping soon In the dead light of the moon
Lost At Sea 04:15
Routine 04:35
“ROUTINE” Rising in the morning, face another day Mind and body aching, feeling cold and grey Sun shines through the window, glowing on the wall Changing by the hour, drifting patterns fall Searching for the beauty, the world has lost its charm Waiting for an angel, to fall into her arms Lead me to the places where the bright leaves fall Far beyond the mountains where the blackbirds call
“SUNDAY EVENING” (early lyrics) Standing by the open door I watch the evening light Fading through the emptiness I fall into the night Lights shine from the neighbor’s house Like staring, piercing eyes Droning fills the open air Until the cars pass by The sickle moon stares through the trees In the dark blue sky Lonely voices calling me As the cardinal cries


Originally released as a limited CD edition of 955 hand-numbered copies on Strange Fortune in 2004 (SF2). Reissued by Dais Records as part of the 5-CD box set "Structures and Solitude" in 2013 (DAIS052).


I outlined my earliest ideas for this album in October 2001. My original plan was to record a piano album with sparse electronics. The working title was "November" with the catalogue number EAE006 (later re-assigned to "Insect Wings Volume 1"). I originally wanted the CD artwork to feature details from my Autumn paintings, so trees and rusty leaves would cover the entire package.

The inspiration came six months later, from a journal entry I wrote in April 2002 entitled "Lying in Bed - A Strange Evening". I remember watching the blueish-grey light shimmering outside and hearing distant sounds echoing far away, eventually sinking into silence and stillness.

"Last Light" is a personal favorite and I feel it's one of my strongest releases. The music differs from my previous works in that the vocals are more up front and the compositions are sparser and more austere. There's a lot going on beneath the surface, however. Several tracks are based on specific locations near my home while others describe the changing light in my bedroom at various times during the day. The title was taken from one of my paintings which, curiously enough, does not appear on the sleeve.

Tor Lundvall
January 19th, 2005
(Amended March 2018)


The 2nd edition of "Last Light" features an early, quieter mix of 'Sunday Evening' with alternate lyrics plus an instrumental version of 'Soft Bipolarity'. The reissue also contains the out-take 'Routine' and the alternate take 'Lost at Sea 2' which were previously released on my "Ghost Years" retrospective CD. I decided to include these tracks again so all recordings from the period are gathered together in one place. 'Routine' was also mastered directly from my digital 8-track, so the sound quality is richer and warmer than the previous "Ghost Years" DAT transfer.

Tor Lundvall
September 12th, 2013


released March 9, 2018

Recorded between May 2002 and November 2003 except track 12 Recorded December 1999 and track 16 recorded February 2000.

Artwork and Design by Tor Lundvall.

Mastered by Kurt Lundvall.

© Tor Lundvall, Eternal Autumn Editions (ASCAP).


all rights reserved



Tor Lundvall New York, New York

American painter and composer on Dais Records.

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