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Sleeping And Hiding

by Tor Lundvall

City Rain 04:23
“CITY RAIN” Raindrops falling from the sky Watch the people passing by Spinning flowers in the stream Drowning slowly in a dream Dark umbrellas in the rain The calling echo of the train Buildings standing tall and grey As the flowers wash away
Spring Song 03:46
“SPRING SONG” April rainfall, wash away All the troubles of the day Bring the shadows, kill the sound Spread the silence all around Ghosts are rising from the haze Walking in their ancient ways Things aren’t always what they seem When you’re living in a dream
“FALLING TREES” Darkness coming down the road The destroyers of the world Hear the broken, crashing sound Of trees falling on the ground In dead spaces, spirits sigh Lost in places where they hide And the last thing that they see Is the falling of the trees
“MIDNIGHT RIDE” Quiet night in the rain Tired soul, lost again Rise from bed, step outside Leave the house and take a ride The ocean glows in a pinkish light The howling wind fills the night Empty streets and distant sounds Fill the air of the empty town
Hiding 03:07
“HIDING” As I rise to face the day I only wish to hide away Under dark clouds, through the trees Fading sunlight burns the leaves Safe in dreams, but lost in life I slip away, out of sight
Dusk 03:37
“DUSK” Dark blue light of evening fills the sky Slowly fades to dusk as time slips by The old house by the roadside all alight Shadows moving slowly out of sight Driving through the country in the night Under summer stars and soft moonlight Street lamps on the roadside light the trees The sound of insects follows on the breeze
Dark Roads 03:45
“DARK ROADS” Waiting for evening, no one around Following dark roads, outside of town Wind chimes ringing in the breeze Headlights shining through dark trees In the night time, deep outside Only the moon knows the places we hide
Bird Girl 03:53
“BIRD GIRL” See the girl, young and free Walk beneath the willow tree Golden leaves in the sky Spin and swirl in her eyes As the world fades to grey She spreads her wings and flies away
“THE DEAD PERIOD” Quiet moments in the day Golden silence falling again In a dark room, wait alone Never asking, never known Daylight fading in the sky Empty hours passing by In the distance, through the grey Voices calling far away
Sleeping 03:52
“SLEEPING” Sleeping in the light, dreaming through the day Sun shines through closed eyes, burning, blinding haze Sounds call from outside, carried on the wind Can’t tell what they are, they rise and fall again Sinking deeper now, as the daylight fades Leaving dreams behind, and thoughts of yesterday
Evening Walk 04:08
“EVENING WALK” Walking down the same old roads In the soft blue light Drifting like a silent ghost Passing through the night The coldest years have passed me by The darkest birds have flown It’s safer here on the other side My soul free and alone
“THE FALLING RAIN” Grey rain falling through my soul Pale light surrounds me, blurring it all Never changing, you’re always there Endless waiting in the falling rain Wait by the window, cold and still A chain of flowers on the windowsill Years pass by, the memories remain Fading away in the falling rain


Originally released as a vinyl edition of 500 hand-numbered copies on Dais Records in 2009 (DAIS007). Reissued by Dais Records as part of the 5-CD box set "Structures and Solitude" in 2013 (DAIS052).


"Sleeping and Hiding" (two things I'm very good at) was recorded in what seemed like the blink of an eye during the Spring of 2005 and then shelved while I concentrated on other projects. I originally intended this album to be the third and final chapter in the series which also included "Last Light" and "Empty City". When I listen to it now, I feel this album stands alone in its own unique space.

Musically, this album is more song-oriented than most of my previous releases. Many of the tracks were inspired by evening drives through the woods in the late Spring, watching the copper-pink sunlight reflecting off bright, yellow-green blossoms. Other tracks were inspired by specific events, such as 'Falling Trees' which was recorded after my next door neighbor cut down all of the oaks in her backyard, forever changing the view from my porch. 'The Dead Period' is a personal favorite which describes a space I still find myself falling into. The final track, 'Sleeping', manages to conjure up the precise atmosphere of one of my earliest childhood memories; Lying in bed during a bright afternoon as the strange sounds outside lulled me to sleep.

Tor Lundvall
February 21st, 2009
(Amended March 2018)


'Evening Walk' and 'The Falling Rain' were originally envisioned as a 7" single that never happened, however they fit quite nicely at the end of the album.

Tor Lundvall
September 12th, 2013


released March 9, 2018

Recorded between March and June 2005.

Artwork and Design by Tor Lundvall.

Mastered by Kurt Lundvall.

© Tor Lundvall, Eternal Autumn Editions (ASCAP).


all rights reserved



Tor Lundvall New York, New York

American painter and composer on Dais Records.

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