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The Mist

by Tor Lundvall

Ribbon 02:06
Ghost Girl 05:50
“GHOST GIRL” What can you offer me? I’ll take the blame What can you give to me? I’ll take the blame Ghost girl in the rain, I wait alone Ghost girl in the rain, I wait for you What have you done to me? I’ll take the blame What have you done to me? I’ll take the blame Ghost girl in the rain, I wait alone Ghost girl in the rain, I wait for you One precious little angel, she’s lost in time The young girl in my memory, this pain of mine
Streets 02:59
29 05:24
“29” Where have my feelings gone? Rain falls inside my heart Wash me in the warmest sleep Wrapped in covers safe and deep Empty mailbox, no one calls Eyelids heavy as rain falls Hazy sleep washes me in warm Too dark to think today I live with dreams and a lonely mind My clock is set to a different time Feel the wash of the rusty ground As the music fades away
Leave 02:24
Crooked 04:22
Dead Moon 02:25
The Hollow 03:51
“THE HOLLOW” If cruel life passed you by Leaving you dead inside There’s a place you can hide Where the lost angels cry “Broken heart, empty soul”
Pale Sun 03:35
6:00 AM 03:05
Outpost 02:38
Grey Life 04:24
“GREY LIFE” Grey voices call Forgotten it all Where is my life? Where is my soul? When did you call? I’ve forgotten the day Forgotten the time Forgotten the way
The Mist 03:51
Her Train 03:04
Remember 03:58
The Years 03:22
“THE YEARS” Praise the empty years Praise the empty years Wrapped in grey Bless the days Drag the silence down Rain the silence down Kneel and pray Bless the days Watch the world pass by Watch the world fall by When you go Always know
Dark Spring 02:28
Distance 04:45
“DISTANCE” The sky is dark today, washed in endless grey I hear the distant train, lost in falling rain Time just marches on when the heart is gone Sleeps inside a cage, paralyzed by rage Time’s mouth opens wide to crush the soul inside Leaves it cold and grey like the falling day
“EARTH’S ANSWER” Earth raised up her head From the darkness dread & drear, Her light fled, Stony, dread, And her locks covered with grey despair. Prisoned on watery shore, Starry jealousy does keep my den Cold and hoar; Weeping o’er, I hear the father of the ancient men. Selfish father of men! Cruel, jealous, selfish fear! Can delight, Chained in night, The virgins of youth and morning bear. Does spring hide its joy, When buds and blossoms grow? Does the sower Sow by night, Or the ploughman in darkness plough? Break this heavy chain, That does freeze my bones around! Selfish, vain, Eternal bane, That free love with bondage bound.


Originally released as a CD on Eternal Autumn Editions through World Serpent Distribution in 2001 (EAE003). Reissued by Dais Records as part of the 4-CD box set "The Seasons Unfold" in 2011 (DAIS019).


This album started out as a few song titles jotted down in my notebook one rainy Spring day in 1998. My plan was to continue where my previous album, "Ice", left off. The first six tracks were recorded between March and May 1998. I was considering releasing these tracks as a mini-album called "Dead Tree" further down the road, so the music was shelved for about a year and a half. The project was rekindled after a late night walk in November 1999, when I saw the pale moon hanging cold and lifeless over the harbor near my home. 'Dead Moon' was my response and things developed from there.

"The Mist" is my reaction to the Springtime and how I perceived life at that time. As the title implies, the atmosphere is rainy and grey. Like my previous album, "Ice", the music is arranged as a continuous chain and flows like an unfolding story. Several of the vocal tracks, such as '29', 'The Hollow' and 'Grey Life', are about being lost, emotionally and spiritually.

My paintings and music complimented each other well during this time period. Three paintings appear on the CD edition and depict, among other things, the landscape and forests near my home on eastern Long Island.

Tor Lundvall
February 5th, 2001
(Amended March 2018)


The out-take, 'Distance', is a personal favorite. I originally felt this song was too overpowering for the album, however I've changed my mind in recent years. 'Earth's Answer' was originally intended for a William Blake compilation that was shelved due to the collapse of World Serpent Distribution. Another minor addition to this reissue is the reinstated ticking intro to the track '6:00 AM'.

Tor Lundvall
November 7th, 2010


released March 9, 2018

Recorded between March 1998 and May 2000.

'Earth's Answer' - Words by William Blake.

Artwork and Design by Tor Lundvall.

Mastered by Kurt Lundvall.

"Empty / Nowhere"

© Tor Lundvall, Eternal Autumn Editions (ASCAP).


all rights reserved



Tor Lundvall New York, New York

American painter and composer on Dais Records.

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