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A Dark Place

by Tor Lundvall

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Nightflyer thumbnail
Nightflyer Wonderful dark ambient, easily my favourite album by this artist because it's soo dark and eerie and because the vocals really add some depth to the music (most albums by this artist are instrumental) Favorite track: Negative Moon.
Tom W.
Tom W.  thumbnail
Tom W. This may be my most played album every year since it’s release. Bandcamp, Spotify, vinyl; been listening to this album at least 4-5 times each week. I hope next album will have vocals too. Favorite track: The Void.
Jake Brew
Jake Brew thumbnail
Jake Brew Tor, you have brought me to a special place with your music-- one that I have been unable to describe. Up until I first had listened to Quiet Room, I had never heard of Tor Lundvall. Thank you for helping me heal.
Growing up in Buffalo, N.Y. I feel like it brought me back to the darkened streets of my youth, the smell of snow and the bite of the cold.
Somehow, the album in its cold nature, has a warming effect. I feel a kindred spirit within the music. I've been in a place of inexplicable pain and loss for a long time with no way of reaching out until now. Thank you.

After repeated listens, side A and B have show an extreme duality in mood. I love it.

Standout tracks for me are Haunted by the Sky, The Moment, and Invisible Man. Favorite track: The Invisible Man.
Quiet Room 05:30
“QUIET ROOM” Dark blue light, smiling moon Fall through the blinds in my quiet room Lying alone in my bed Wrapped in fear and the creeping dread Hear them whisper down the hall As the violet shadows fall With pale fingers sharp as knives To cut the soul from this hollow life
“HAUNTED BY THE SKY” Down by the river, late at night I follow the shadows in the orange light Thin trees whisper, night birds cry The pale moon smiles low in the sky Stand by the stone bridge in the empty park Watching the strange clouds rush by in the dark Waiting in silence as time slips by Alone and haunted by the sky
The Moment 04:46
“THE MOMENT” I had to push my wounded heart So I could meet you Tired, scared and torn apart But I want to see you Walking with you through the park In the sunshine I felt the sadness of your past Through your fearless smile I held you closely in the night For a moment Wishing it would last forever I’ll miss you
“THE INVISIBLE MAN” Can you see me there, in the other room? Can you hear me sigh, as the shadows loom? How I hoped to find a soul like my own But after all this time, I still wait alone Outside the flowers bloom Outside the children play Inside the clock stands still As I fade away
“NEGATIVE MOON” There’s a black moon in the sky Lying on her side A smile lined in red A dark light for the dead She stares across the sea Through the embers of the trees Her shadow dims the waves The ruins and the graves She sinks behind the hills The empty earth stands still No birds or voices call When the final morning falls
The Void 03:52
“THE VOID” In the quiet hours, before the dawn The silent fear creeps across the lawn Stare at the mirror in the hall The hollow heart hanging on the wall From the eyes in the ceiling, I see The Void I remember the grave, I see The Void Like a frightened child, I cry alone With the memories of a life that’s gone All I see are dark rooms, I see The Void Demons shovel the soil, I see The Void
A Dark Place 04:30
“A DARK PLACE” My dark heart, deep inside Oh, the pain and fear you hide Like a black cloud in the night With a halo of blue light My dark heart, locked away In a state of slow decay Endless hours that you spend Passing judgement until the end
“THE NEXT WORLD” Please take my soul away, on a clear October day By a bright pool, on a distant hill Play a Durutti song before time stands still I never found that special soul, the one to help me through it all Those dreams are gone, maybe in the next world My hope goes on for the next world... far away I see the child again, run through flowers in the rain Those days are gone, waiting for the next world My dreams live on in the next world... far away



Dais Records is proud to unveil the new dark pop masterpiece from artist and composer Tor Lundvall. His first vocal album since 2009's "Sleeping and Hiding", and following the release of two instrumental albums and three CD box sets since that time, Tor returns with an album of beautifully intricate sadness and reflection: "A Dark Place".

Born in 1968 in Wyckoff, NJ, Tor Lundvall is a painter and ambient composer. The son of Blue Note Records legend Bruce Lundvall, Tor was exposed to artwork, music, and creativity from a young age, and began his professional painting and music output in the late 80s.

Widely known for his dark imagery and thoughtful, provocative soundscapes, Tor Lundvall's artwork is all-encompassing. His music, when paired with his paintings, creates a world within which one could easily disappear.

An intensely private individual, Tor Lundvall eschews the gallery circuit and live performances for his private studio in Eastern Long Island, NY, preferring to show his artwork privately and focus on studio production and writing without the pressures of the audience and all it encompasses.

Dais Records is honored to provide another glimpse into his world through his recordings. We hope you find it as special and as unforgettable as we do.


It's been twelve years since I recorded my last vocal album, "Sleeping and Hiding" (released in 2009, but recorded in 2005). After completing those sessions, I felt that I had said just about everything I wanted to say lyrically. I wasn't sure if another vocal album would ever materialize, but slowly and surely, new lyrics came with new songs to accompany them.

Finding the words to describe this album is almost as difficult as the past couple of years. There is a lot of pain, fear and sadness wrapped into these eight songs. More so than usual, I think. The loss of my father in 2015 and coping with his absence certainly hangs heavily here.

I recorded this album at night while I stared out from my bedroom window into the shadows of the garden and the neighbor's house next door. The reflections of the flower lights encircling my bedroom window looked like distant, golden constellations through the glass while I worked. A nice memory.

A few of the melodies were inspired by, or constructed around some of my earliest riffs and abandoned sketches, one dating all the way back to 1985. The lyrics to the final track, "The Next World", came to me while swimming alone in the bay one clear October afternoon about five years ago. I originally envisioned a lighter, more optimistic song to accompany my first draft of lyrics, but the piece evolved into a song about final reflections, lost dreams and the terrible sadness of the passing of time.

Tor Lundvall
October 22nd, 2017


released February 23, 2018

Recorded between March and June 2017.

Artwork and Design by Tor Lundvall.

Mastered by Kurt Lundvall.

Vinyl Mastering and Cut by Josh Bonati.

Special Thanks To: Kurt Lundvall, Christine Martin, Josh Bonati, Gibby Miller and Ryan Martin.


all rights reserved



Tor Lundvall New York, New York

American painter and composer on Dais Records.

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